Enrolment Ceremony Night

We did our Enrolment Ceremony this week. As I have mentioned in some of the other posts, we wanted to include the second year Brownies by having them perform a skit of the Brownie Story. We had a couple extra girls who read The ToadStool, in order to make up enough parts.


I feel like this was a great idea! This helped to explain some of the practices and ceremonial bits and pieces to our new Brownies and their families.

The girls were all so excited about it and their parents seemed receptive as well. We practised in two meetings but had the girls read out their lines from scripts. Hence, skit is deliberately used rather than “play”.

It was way too much to expect them to memorize that many lines, especially on short notice, and we also didn’t want to have to deal with creating costumes or a set.

We usually meet from 6:45-8:15.

We asked family members to return for 7:30 this night to watch the ceremony. Before they returned, we did a quick rehearsal, discussed etiquette and tried to impart some meaning behind the whole night. The girls did a wonderful job hosting their parents and helped us to set up the gym. They were SUPER enthusiastic about decorating for the space theme they chose and bringing up chairs for guests.

Almost too enthusiastic … we were literally tripping over girls like they were puppies.


For the actual ceremony part, we followed the tradition from last year of hiding all our Brownies in a small room off our main meeting room. They huddle inside while guests arrive and then I welcomed everyone as unofficial and impromptu MC. The girls came out and lined up in two rows facing each other, first years on one side and second years on the other.

One girl from each line walked to the centre space as a pair, and the second years supported our new Brownies as she said her lines and looked into the water / mirror. Then we gave our 1st year her pins and badge in a little gift bag and her welcome certificate and both girls sat down on the floor in front of the chairs, assembly style. And the next pair went, and so on.

At this point in the evening, the skit commenced.

After each girl had had her moment in the spotlight, we formed our Brownie Circle around the looking glass and toadstool to recite the Brownie Promise and Law. I explained the meaning of the Grand Howl, which we enthusiastically performed to honour our guests.

I’m pretty sure this was the girls’ favourite part of the night. It certainly was the loudest!

This flowed into our dessert and drink buffet – all space themed of course – and families celebrated and mingled while myself and another leader hustled to the door.

Most of our decor and tableware was purchased from the dollar store, Walmart or Party City. We forgot to take pictures at the event. ‘Cause we were, you know, busy. But I have some from store websites or pinterest of product we either used or were inspired by. See below!

Lucky, lucky us, this was also cookie night. It helped that the parents were all there, but it is also so much work to do both things on the same night. I will talk about that aspect in another post, so this one doesn’t turn into a novel.

If you are curious about the details of how to create an enrolment ceremony, let me know!