Corn Mosaic Thanksgiving Craft

I mentioned in my recent post, Week 4 Meeting Plan, that I would explain the craft in a separate posting. Well, this week we are doing two crafts so I guess that means I am writing two posts! One craft is very small and the other much more time consuming. It also requires more prep work from the adult, so I will post it first.

The more intricate and detailed craft. Definitely a test of patience.

I got this idea from a blog website called¬†Fun A Day to allow the kids to make a corn mosaic that they can show off to their families for Thanksgiving. I didn’t want to get too into traditional crafts that schools and families do this time of year. I was really hoping to find something more unique that children don’t repeat year after year for the holidays. Using corn as a medium to create seems close enough to the origins of the Thanksgiving feast, while still offering something new (I hope!) to the crafting perspective.

Thankfully, corn kernels are super cheap at Walmart and the paper, (liquid) white glue and dye were already in our stores.


mixing bowls or pots

metal spoons

food colouring

protective gloves (optional)

corn kernels

slotted spoon


tap water

old towels or paper towels

waxed paper

thick paper (cardstock, etc)

white glue (liquid, not gluesticks)

In order to die the corn, I filled several large mixing bowls with water, 1-2 tablespoons of food colouring and several tablespoons of vinegar (adjust based on the size of your bowl). Stir to mix the colour in. I then added 475 ml (~2 cups) of corn to each. Make sure that the water covers the corn. Allow to sit overnight, or for 24 hours if you can.

*Note: If you use plastic bowls, they will probably stain from the food colouring.

This was my counter for 24 hours

After the kernels have taken on the proper colour, pour out the excess liquid as best you can and then remove with a slotted spoon. I laid down wax paper to protect the counter and then put down old towels for the corn to dry on. You could use paper towel instead if you really care about your towels, but you will go through a lot of it!


I am very happy with how the red and orange ones turned out. The green and blue didn’t dye as well, even though I followed the same recipe, and even added extra dye and vinegar for the last few hours of soaking. I am also going to try making some purple overnight … I just ran out of bowls and counter space yesterday.

Below, there are a couple of gorgeous mosaics from the Fun A Day post. I am purposely not making an example, because I don’t want the girls to copy it. I would much rather they craft with free expression, which is so much harder after they have seen an example.


Fun A Day owns this picture

Let me know in the comments if you tried this craft, or if you have done something similar. I hope that it goes well for you. If you have an easier time dying than I did, please send me some tips for my next attempt!