Cookies Days

Today was my first ever cookie days in Canada event and it went So. Well. !!!

We sold 16 cases in 4 hours. I have no idea how that compares to other units’ sales, but I was super proud of my girls. They completely embraced sales and remembered their manners. They also handled most of the money, with supervision of course. But there were very few instances where I had to correct the amount of change they were going to give someone.

The girls were so excited to be there selling and had great attitudes, even when people didn’t want to buy any cookies. I was also overwhelmed by the generosity of our community. People were so kind, and there were many who told us to keep the change, or who made a small donation when they didn’t want to purchase cookies.

This was my packing list of what to what to bring:

  • folding table
  • table cloth
  • cases of cookies
  • float (cash)
  • cashbox (we didn’t have one and used some tubberware instead)
  • lined notebook
  • pens
  • cell phone
  • water bottles / juice boxes
  • posters
  • swag, to give to kids and parents of kids

The sway I ordered in August from girl guides. The are promotional materials, including stickers, magnets, bookmarks, “cootie catchers”, pencils and pins. There were also pamphlets advertising girl guides that we gave out to parents of girls. Gotta rep that brand!

The posters I made for our girls got some smiles and chuckles:

Even though we were inside the double sliding doors at the front of our local Walmart, it got very chilly! I never took off my coat and still came home for a hot bubble bath. Glad it isn’t truly cold out yet! But the weather is definitely a good motivator to get those cookies sold fast.

The float consisted of one roll each of loonies and toonies ($75), a twenty, some tens and a bunch of fives. It ended up working out to $195.00. This was proficient and we probably didn’t even need the coins.




GGC Swag

Did you know that you can order FREE swag from Girl Guides of Canada – Ontario provincial office?!!!

I didn’t!!!! A year into GGC, and I’m still learning new things. Grrr.

You can order on this website┬ábut you need your IMIS number handy to do so. This site only works for members in Ontario and Nunavut, but I’m sure the other regions also have their own provincial swag stores.

These items are usually given to the girls at their first meeting in a little sway bag to take home. Bracelets, stickers, buttons, bookmarks … it helps them to feel excited and it helps parents to feel like all the money they put into the program is coming back to their daughters.

They are also used for cookie sale events and for parade events, to be handed out to children and parents and promote the GGC brand.

I recommend that you order ASAP because a lot of things are out of stock already. Especially if you are looking for English-language items. It is also handy to have some of the girl and volunteer postcards at your cookie sale event booths, for potential new adult and girl members (remember, they can join at any point in the year!)