Closing a Meeting

Here’s a tip for any new leaders!

When you close a meeting, you go through a closing ceremony.

It varies slightly between the different types of units (Sparks, Brownies, etc) but in general, you gather everyone in the unit around in a circle. The brownie ring (toadstool, flag, etc) should be at the centre, or whatever is sacred to your unit.

This is a great time to recap the night and ask the girls questions to help the evening’s activity or lesson to have a deeper meaning. You can talk about what is coming up in the next meeting or talk about reminders for upcoming trips, cookies, etc. If you have extra time, sing some songs! You can check out the start of my awesome song list here!

Finally, you sing the closing song.

For Brownies it is:

Oh Lord our God,

Thy children call.

Grant us Thy peace.

And bless us all.

Good niiiiigggghhhhhtttt.

Now run along home and jump into bed,

Say your prayers and don’t cover your head.

The very same thing I say unto you

Is you dream of me and I’ll dream of you.

Goodnight Brownies, EVERYWHERE! 

(Shout the last word and throw both hands up in to the air.) Other actions at end of post.

The other units sing a different song. I’m not too sure why Brownie units evolved to have their own special closing song that is unique to them. Maybe some of the more experienced guiders can fill us in on this? I have always heard this song referred to as “Taps”. Here are the lyrics.

Day is done
Gone the sun
From the lakes, from the hills, from the sky
All is well
Safely rest
God is nigh.

Please remember, this is how we sing the songs where I am. I know that there are lots of slight (and sometimes significant) variations in other regions, so if things look slightly different from what you are used to, that is likely the reason.

Finally, at the very end of the meeting, we join hands with our arms crossed in front of us (Rhand on Lside and vice versa) and sing:

The squeeze is going around

The squeeze is going around

Let’s think of a good turn we can do

The squeeze is going around

During this, one leader starts the “squeeze” by squeezing one of the hands she holds. It keeps going around in a circle. We repeat this song as many times as necessary for it to go around once. Then a pre-selected leader (or Brownie!) yells stop once it starts the second pass. The girls are always super exited to be the one who is “it” at the end of the night. This person gets to do an extra good turn (our term for a good deed) and in our unit, we have them flush the toilets (because the girls always forget), check that the bathroom faucets are off, and turn off the lights in the bathroom.

And you’re done!

Don’t forget to monitor the girls leaving. It is your responsibility as a leader to make sure the right girls go home with the right parents!

*Actions for Closing Song*

Oh Lord our God, (no action)

Thy children call. (no action)

Grant us Thy peace. (no action)

And bless us all. (no action)

Good niiiiigggghhhhhtttt. (no action)

Now run along home and jump into bed, (run in place)

Say your prayers and don’t cover your head. (prayer sign with hands, then pull hood overhead)

The very same thing i say unto you (shake finger like someone is naughty)

Is you dream of me (put hands by one ear and tilt head like going to sleep)

and i’ll dream of you. (point with finger and do a circle around you to indicate you are talking to everyone)

Goodnight Brownies, EVERYWHERE! (shout last word and throw both hands in the air)



Brownie Circles



Need a little help setting up your group for next year? In Brownies, we use “Circles” to break the girls up into manageable teams. Circles can be used for activities and trips, but we mostly use them as a way to keep the girls busy at the start of each meeting, while waiting for everyone to arrive.

Each circle has a box of stickers, paper, colouring materials, etc. They are responsible for keeping their box orderly and putting it away each meeting. This is a good way to introduce responsibility and ownership of the unit to them. It also provides new and shy girls a way to make friends by providing them with time to meet with the same smaller group of girls each week, which is less overwhelming than facing the whole unit as one.

Every circle has a leader and a co-leader who are responsible for taking attendance for their group and then reporting that to the guider(s) for the night. We change leaders one or twice throughout the year. Everyone should get a chance over the course of the two years that they are in Brownies to serve in one of these roles. This gives you the opportunity to emphasize the qualities in a leader and remind them that they are not the boss of the other girls.

I favour circles that are 6 girls in size. There are a number of different circle names, each with their own emblem and song. You can pick your favourites and stick with them or rotate every year! Many of the badge emblems have been discontinued unfortunately, but I am hoping to find enough this year to give to the girls. I think it helps them to bond as a subgroup and helps assert their identifies.



**All copyright of the emblems belongs to GGC.


Fairies (example names – not real Brownies)

Circle Leader: Hannah

Co-Leader: Kandra

Members: Hannah, Kandra, Diane, Ewa, April, Jan

We’re the fairies shining bright,

Trying hard to do what’s right. 

(Each circle song is always repeated twice)



Circle Leader:



Sprightly sprites we’re on our way

Play and laugh and help today.



Circle Leader:



Happy leprechauns are we,

Helping friends and family.



Circle Leader:



Here you see the laughing Gnomes,

Helping others in their homes.



Circle Leader:



This is what we do as elves,

Think of others not ourselves.



Circle Leader:



We’re the happy, friendly kelpies,

Smart and quick and ready helpers.


Now, for other circles that I am not currently using:


Circle Leader:



Playful Dryads strong and true,

Nature’s friend in all we do.



Circle Leader:



Now you watch the Lares working,

Playful, singing, never shirking.



Circle Leader:



Nymphs love water bright and blue,

Smiling, playing, helping too.



Circle Leader:



Look! We are the jolly pixies,

Helping others when in fixes.


I assign girls to their circles BEFORE the first meeting so that I can organize them quickly and easily when they arrive. To do this, I first assign all the second years to the circle groups and choose a Leader and Co-leader for each circle, from the second years. Then I assign the first years to the circle as well. Ideally, each circle has an even mix in ages.

In each box, you should have thrown in colouring sheets, etc before the first meeting of the year, and also include a notebook that is for the girls to track attendance. Make sure you get boxes that have secure lids on them and pre-label them or have a colour code system so the girls can tell which boxes belong to which group.