Opening a Meeting

At the beginning of every Brownie meeting, girls and leaders stand in a large circle around the Brownie toadstool and flag. We begin by singing the opening song together:

Opening Song:

We’re the Brownies, here’s our aim,

Lend a hand and play the game.

We’re the Brownies, here’s our aim,

Lend a hand and play the game.

Then the girls skip around the centre set-up while singing their Circle songs (Fairies, then Pixies, etc). *songs at end of post if you need them

When every circle has taken their turn, everyone recites the Brownie Promise, Law and Motto together. This opening ceremony is something that the girls should all be striving to memorize.

The Promise

I promise to do my best,

To be true to myself, my beliefs and Canada.

I will take action for a better world

And respect the Brownie Law


Brownie Law

As a Brownie

I am honest and kind;

I help take care

Of the world around me


The Motto

Lend a Hand! 

(on hand, through your right hand up into the air)

Circle Songs:


We’re the fairies shining bright,

Trying hard to do what’s right.


Sprightly sprites we’re on our way

Play and laugh and help today.


Happy leprechauns are we,

Helping friends and family.


Here you see the laughing Gnomes,

Helping others in their homes.


This is what we do as elves,

Think of others not ourselves.


We’re the happy, friendly kelpies,

Smart and quick and ready helpers.


Playful Dryads strong and true,

Nature’s friend in all we do.


Now you watch the Lares working,

Playful, singing, never shirking.


Nymphs love water bright and blue,

Smiling, playing, helping too.


Look! We are the jolly pixies,

Helping others when in fixes.



First Post !

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my blog! I am going to write all about program ideas and resources for Guiders in the Girl Guides of Canada! I am a newish guider to a LARGE group of rambunctious Brownies (more than 30 girls). I have been in it for a year now and next year I am taking over as Treasurer, Cookie Orderer and “Head” Guider, as I am the only leader returning to the unit.

So a little about me:

I am a Guider in Ontario, with Girl Guides of Canada. What we do may look a little different if you are in a different province/territory or country but most of the program ideas should still be applicable. I will be going off of the new curriculum that is beginning in the 2018 guiding year. We are in the GTA. I don’t want to be more specific than that, but most daytrips and overnight trips I reference will be in driving distance from here.

I found when I started last year that there was A LOT I didn’t know. I feel that the training for guiders is less than impressive. There is lots of review of Safeguide but not very much in the way of organizing and running the meetings. I didn’t even know the Brownie Promise/Law or Circle Songs when I started! I didn’t grow up in GGC so I did not know anything.

The posts may be a little slow at first as we are entering the off season, but I want to create this resource to help other guiders who are new to come up with some excellent program ideas. I hope you will share your favourites in the comments section!!

Hopefully I will be able to write a post every week come September, as we get geared up for another exciting year.

I also will figure out how to upload documents that you can download to use for your units. Sharing is caring haha.

Please note, this blog is filled with my personal ideas and beliefs. It is not a reflection of the beliefs of GGC and is not officially affiliated with them in anyway.

Until next time!