Fantasy of the Lights

Next week will be our last meeting before our month-long holiday break. Huzzah!

The local Optimist’s Club of Canada started hosted something called Fantasy of the Lights in the local park about a decade a go. Many of the different businesses, families and groups put in a light display to mark the holidays and it is beautiful. 

This has become the traditional end of year meeting activity for most of the Guides and Scouts. We suit up in warm winter gear and stroll through the park for an hour, often with parents and siblings in tow. Afterwards we play in the snow.

This is always a fun night. Beautiful, good exercise and FREE! Or close to. Usually a leader or parent volunteers to stay behind to prepare hot chocolate and a Christmas cookie or something for a warm treat at the end.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Going to see Aladdin, Jr!

Wow, it has been an eternity since I caught you up on my Brownie Unit! Whoops!

We have been super busy doing a lot of excursions in the community lately (yay!) and I feel like we have almost been on vacation! It is my goal to catch up on blog posts in the next couple of weeks so hopefully I can share some new ideas for after the Christmas break, if you have been struggling with programming lately. If you have some nights your girls were super excited about, post them in the comments!

This week we are going to our local musical company’s production of Aladdin, Jr! We are actually attending their dress rehearsal. We reached out to ask if they would consider letting us attend, partially because their performances didn’t fall on a Tuesday night when we normally meet, and partially because the unit couldn’t cover the cost of the tickets and we didn’t want to ask the parents for money. 

Thankfully, they were thrilled with our request! Our girls might not get to see the entire play tomorrow night, depending on how many times they stop the rehearsal, but hopefully that will entice them to either come back with their families or audition for the next production the company puts on. 

One of the many benefits to watching the dress rehearsal instead of the regular show is that the girls will get to see the behind the scenes, and learn some of the work that goes into a show. This is the Junior show, meaning that it is kids and teens in the community performing, something that I hope will also inspire them. 

By attending, girls will earn their Listen to This Badge, from the old curriculum. 

Normally, when our unit goes somewhere for an evening or has a presenter in, we give them a couple of boxes of girl guide cookies as a thank you present. However, this wasn’t planned out far in advance so we actually don’t have any left. I think I’m going to go to Tim Hortons and buy a bunch of timbits for the company instead, to thank them? Anyone have a better idea?! And of course, we always hand out a thank you card. 

Edit: The girls had so much fun watching the dress rehearsal! They were all disappointed to leave at the end of the night, and to hear we are back in our normal meeting space next week. Most of them left promising to beg their parents to bring them to see the actual show lol.