Key to Active Living

A couple of weeks ago, we were approached by a martial arts group that rents another room in our meeting space, offering to give a free self-defense and self-awareness workshop to our Brownies.

Well, of course we said yes!

So this week, that is our plan. We are treating it as a special interest badge in the key to active living, because we could not find any other badge that applied well.

I picked up a couple of boxes of chocolate as thank you presents for them.

First thing when we arrive, we will have our girls sign the thank you card as they come in. We also have a couple of badge presentations that we will start right off.

The karate lesson will last one hour, the majority of our meeting tonight, so the last few minutes will probably get filled up by the regular closing activities and handing out fundraiser information!

Reach out to others in your community. I have been pleasantly surprised by how many individuals were willing to donate their time to our unit, completely free of charge! Our town has definitely been good to us.



Canadian Anthem Controversy

A fellow guider recently told me about a heated argument on a Canadian guiding Facebook page, where a leader shared that her unit didn’t sing the national anthem in their meetings. I’m not sure if she was just taking a poll on how many groups did or didn’t, or if someone had said something personally to her and she was asking for feedback…

Nevertheless, I felt terrible for her because she was 100% bullied for asking this question. To the point that she left the Facebook group. I have been bullied as an adult in guiding before and there needs to be much less tolerance for it among guiders, GGC leadership and by the admins of online sites and pages.

Leaders should and do share their questions and ideas online. We share resources and routines and solicit input from others in this community.

But we are a COMMUNITY. And we are shaping the next generation of women. If you are the type of person who brings others down, you should be removed from the guiding world. Period.

For the record, my unit does not sing O’Canada in our meetings. No one has asked to all year – girl, parent or leader – and last year we only sang it once. We will sing the national anthem in an upcoming meeting because we are doing the Canada badge and it is directly relevant, but I do not see any need to do it on a regular basis.

Does your unit sing O’Canada on a weekly basis?