Christmas Badge Presentations

How do you award your badges?

We are awarding them periodically throughout the year. Personally, I really don’t like waiting until May. For many of our girls, receiving them – and watching friends receive them – is a motivating experience. Everyone wants to get every badge that they can. It is the reward for all of their hard work.

We handed out a few right after Halloween, although we hadn’t earned much by then. Most of the girls earned a fair number this time around though and they were So. Excited. 

Badge Presentation Idea

Sorry for the rough quality in this picture. I shot it really quick as I ran out the door to our meeting on Tuesday night.

I made the infographic using this free website. I place it in wordpress to play with the sizing a little and ended up with the following document, which you are welcome to download and use for yourself:

I printed out enough copies on plain white cardstock, and we cut them into rough Christmas tree shapes. Then we stapled brown ribbon to the bottom for our tree trunks and used safety pins to pin the badges onto the ribbon. 

This was a fairly simple process. All in all, it took about 2 hours to do everything and I had 19 Brownies to prep for.

I knew they were excited for the badges since they ask for them every single week but they were so happy with the presentation as well, which surprised me. We could overhear them saying to their parents, “Look what Skye Owl made for us” , “It is so pretty!”. This was lovely and reiterated the importance of making this a big deal every once in a while.

I am a stickler for only giving the girls the badges they have earned, so they didn’t all have the same ones. However, if someone is sick for an evening, I try to make sure I have a way for them to “make up” the badge work at home, if they want to. 

While handing out the badges, I also recognized three girls for outstanding Brownie work. Two of the girls went with their Mums in the fall to plant trees with a local community group. A third girl collected new, warm socks with her Mum to send to the far North of Canada, to communities with a lot of poverty. Each of these girls got a crest for her efforts (see pic below) and I explained how and why they earned them. We all clapped for them. Hopefully their actions will encourage the others to take action for a better world as well.

In retrospect, seeing what a big deal it was for the girls, I wish that we had invited the parents to pick up a little early so they could see the presentations. But I am positive they heard all about it on the way home.



Fantasy of the Lights

Next week will be our last meeting before our month-long holiday break. Huzzah!

The local Optimist’s Club of Canada started hosted something called Fantasy of the Lights in the local park about a decade a go. Many of the different businesses, families and groups put in a light display to mark the holidays and it is beautiful. 

This has become the traditional end of year meeting activity for most of the Guides and Scouts. We suit up in warm winter gear and stroll through the park for an hour, often with parents and siblings in tow. Afterwards we play in the snow.

This is always a fun night. Beautiful, good exercise and FREE! Or close to. Usually a leader or parent volunteers to stay behind to prepare hot chocolate and a Christmas cookie or something for a warm treat at the end.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Christmas Party!

Our last “real” meeting of 2018 is going to be BUSY.

We haven’t had a normal meeting for a month … we’ve been busy gallivanting all around town. As you do. Brownies have things to do, people to see, places to go! And now we have a lot of catch up to do.

We will start with our opening rituals promptly at 6:45, as we have gotten in the habit of starting late while we wait for stragglers. Then we need to finish our Christmas pen pal letters … so far about 1/3 of the girls have done them at the day camp we did, but I need to work with the others to catch them up. I have a love-hate relationship with these letters. Second and third graders don’t spell the best to begin with, but most of our girls go to school in French and our letters are in English, so it requires a lot more time to write them than I had expected.

We are also going to have a snack, made by Snowy Owl and her two girls, both of whom are in this unit. And Christmas storytime of course. I know there are some badge presentations to do, and I need to introduce a badge activity that we are planning on encouraging the girls and their family’s to do over the break. More to come in another post.

This Christmas theme is also a PJ party! Who doesn’t love a Christmas PJ day?!?!

Finally, Snowy has prepared a personalized craft for the girls to make, and give to their families for Christmas. We took all of their photos at an earlier meeting and developed them for the girls to use. We also took a couple of group shots that we can give to the girls as mementos of their year in Brownies.