Camp Songs

I feel like we are finally starting to find our groove in meetings. We aren’t running late quite so often, and have more time for songs!

Teaching the girls camp songs has been an important priority for me, but that didn’t actualize until recently.

These are the camp songs we will be singing this week. Some the girls already know but there are a couple we have never sung as a group before.

# 1 We’re Here for Fun

(new song)

I want us to sing this at the beginning of the meeting. We need to pad that time a bit because there are always girls who are late, and it is frustrating when we are halfway through a game or explaining the activity. This is something they can join in more easily.

We’re here for fun, right from the start, so drop your dignity

Just laugh and sing with all your heart and show your loyalty.

May all your troubles be forgot, Let this night be the best,

Join in the songs we sing tonight, be happy with the best.

(tune: Auld Lang Syne)

We’re Here for Fun can be found on the cd Camp Songs 3 by Nashville Kids Sound under the title Greeting Song if you prefer to singalong to music in your unit.

# 2 Black Socks!

(a favourite)

Black Socks they never get dirty

The longer you wear them the stronger they get

Sometimes I think I should wash them

But something inside me says no no not yet

not yet, not yet, not yet

(Repeat. Great when sung in a round)

# 3 S-M-I-L-E

(new song)

It isn’t any trouble just to S-M-I-L-E

It isn’t any trouble just to S-M-I-L-E

It isn’t any trouble just to S-M-I-L-E

To S-M-I-L-E!

So smile when you are in trouble,

It will vanish like a bubble,

If only you take the trouble,

to S-M-I-L-E.

(sing through twice)

S-M-I-L-E can be found on the cd 30 Camp Songs for Kids by Nashville Kids Sound.

# 4 I Met a Bear

This is a call and repeat song. I an only writing out the leader’s lines for brevity. After each verse (four lines), the leader and everyone else repeat all four lines together, before going back to the call and repeat style for the next verse.

the other day

I met a bear

oh way up there

a great big bear

he looked at me

I looked at him

he sized up me

I sized up him

he said to me

why don’t your run

I see you don’t

have any gun

and so I ran

away from there

but right behind

me was that bear

ahead of me

I saw a tree

a great big tree

oh golly gee

the lowest branch

was 10 feet up

I’d have to jump

and trust my luck

and so I jumped

into the air

but I missed that branch

away up there

now don’t you fret

and don’t you frown

’cause I caught that branch

on the way back down

that’s all there is

there is no more

until I meet

that bear once more

the end the end

the end the end

the end the end

the end the end *

* When singing the last verse all together, you change the lyrics to

the end the end

the end the end

this time it really is

the end

I Met a Bear can be found on the cd 30 Camp Songs for Kids by Nashville Kids Sound.



Brownies = BUSY

Oh my sweet heavens, September is BUSY in the guiding community!

I had every intention of writing this blog post daily for the past three-ish weeks and clearly, those plans weren’t overly successful. I thought I was at least somewhat prepared but there is so much happening at once. I’m also super busy at school and work right now. Nonetheless, everything gets done somehow and here is a slew of new blog posts – I hope!

This is what we did for the second meeting of the new year.

Circles / attendance

Hula Hoop Game

Opening and Circle Songs

(While in our circle, we talk about something that needs to be addressed – like how to be a good team-player/ good sport) and the purpose of our meeting tonight / the meaning behind it, etc)

Talk about craft, explain and and then move to the craft tables. This week we did the invitation to parents for next week.

At this point we split the group in two. Two of my fabulous co-leaders took the 2nd years into another room. They practised a skit of the Brownie Story, which they will perform at the Enrolment Ceremony.

The second years stayed with me and we practised the Enrolment Ceremony phrase and talked about what would happen.

Twist me and turn me and show me an elf, I look in the water and I see myself!

We left time at the end to sing three songs. Because it has been hectic and the first years don’t know too many songs yet, we kept it basic with lyrics the leaders and older girls all know by heart… fire’s burning; black socks; there was a bear.

Closing ceremony and done! It is shocking how fast the 90 minutes fly by. I swear I blink and the parents are arriving. I guess that is what lots of energy and a fast pace will do for you.


First Meeting

Well! It has been a hot minute since the last time that I posted. There isn’t too much going on in my guiding unit during summer breaks.

However, we had a leader meeting last week to map out our first four months, which takes us up until the end of 2018. Hard to believe.

If you are a new guider, like I was last year, I will explain more in a later blog post. If you haven’t already though, definitely start reaching out to the other leaders in your unit or your community and plan a meetup at someone’s house, or your local Timmies.

I want to write out a journal of sorts of my first year as “lead” guider, for reference in future years, for documenting on this blog, and to hopefully help someone else out.

Last year I was completely lost!!!


In case it isn’t legible, here it is:

** Write the date and note girl’s absences at the top of the page. You will be so thankful you did this when you are trying to figure out who has earned what badges!


  1. Brownie Circles (put girls into them) and have them use these groups to perform skits on the “dos and do nots” of selling cookies.
  2. What I want to do at Brownies (worksheet) (see below)
  3. Brownie Wordsearch (if time – you can pull this out at any time during the year when you need to buy yourself 10 quiet minutes, or use it on the overnight trip)

Ice Breakers:

  1. My name is Aaron and I like Aardvarks
    1. How to play: Have everyone (including leaders) stand or sit in a circle. Each person things of an object or activity that starts with the same letter as their name (younger kids may need to do the same sound instead of letter). You go around the circle, with each person repeating all of the previous responses. ie; Sarah likes Salamanders, Hannah likes handball, Phoebe likes Pirates of the Caribbean …
  2. Hula Hoop Pass
    1. How to play: Have the group form two long lines. The girls should be close enough to hold hands but not shoulder to shoulder. At the top of each line, hand the first girl a hula hoop. The goal is to move the hoola hoop over their bodies to the last girl at the other end, without ever breaking hands. If they do, the hoop goes back to the front of the line and they start over! It is great to do best 2 out of 3 on this game.
  3. Change Your Spot:
    1. How to play: “It” stands in the centre of the circle (start with a leader). She calls out “change spots if …” and everyone who that applies to has to switch spots with someone else it also applies to. The It person tries to steal someone’s spot in the circle, and whoever doesn’t get a spot is the next It. The goal of this game is to learn what you all have in common, move your bodies and have fun! examples; change spots if you had cereal for breakfast/ you have a sister / you like to wake up early / you are a Leprechaun, etc.

Active Game:

  1. PacTag: This is a tag game where the It person, and everyone else, has to stay on the lines (like in Pacman). We meet in a gymnasium so this is perfect, but you can substitute another other version of tag if you don’t have lined pathways in your meeting space.


  1. Make Nametags … preferably ones that are sturdy enough to last all year on their uniforms, or at least several meetings…. are you sensing a theme to this meeting yet?!


  1. What do you want to get out of the guiding experience this year (can be used at the same time as “what I want to do at Brownies” worksheet)
  2. What qualities describe a Brownie? (good to do this at the beginning of the meeting, so that you can outline expectations like how to be a good sport, and not talking while the leaders are talking)
  3. Have first year Brownies vote on their Enrollment theme. We pre-choose 2-3 themes that are manageable for the leaders to arrange, and let the girls vote from those.


  1. Brownie motto, law and promise
  2. Unit member names
  3. Brownie Smile song (see below)
  4. I Met a Bear song (see below)
  5. Guiding history (start working on this)



Brownie Smile song:

I’ve got something in my pocket, it belongs across my face.
I keep it very close at hand, in a most convienient place.
I’m sure you couldn’t guess it if you guessed a long, long while.
So I’ll take it out and put it on, it’s a Great Big Brownie Smile!

Here is a Youtube video I found of a little girl singing the song with the actions. I do not own the video!



I Met a Bear song:

The other day, I met a bear,
A great big bear, Oh way out there.

(Same lines in unison)

He looked at me, I looked at him,
He sized up me, I sized up him.

He said to me, “Why don’t you run?
I see you ain’t, Got any gun.”

I says to him, “That’s a good idea.”
“Now legs get going, get me out of here!”

And so I ran, Away from there,
But right behind me, Was that bear.

In front of me, There was a tree,
A great big tree, Oh glory be!

The lowest branch, Was ten feet up,
So I thought I’d jump, And trust my luck.

And so I jumped, Into the air,
But I missed that branch, A way up there.

Now don’t you fret, And don’t you frown,
I Caught that branch, On the way back down!

This is the end, There aint no more,
Unless I see, That bear once more.

Here is recording of this song, so you get the tune. It is a call and repeat song, which is great for nervous new Brownies! Again, I do not own this.

Good luck!


Camp Fire Song List

Does anyone know other great campfire songs that I could teach to my Brownies? I want to try to learn 3 new songs a month with them because I think that music is so important. It helps create a bond between the girls and memories that will last forever. When I think back on my camp trips, songs are the part I remember most clearly.



And from a leader perspective, the more songs the girls know the better. It means you have more options to pull out of thin air to amuse everyone and keep them focused when you have 10 minutes to fill, or on a long hike or drive.

Brownies Song List

  1. Taps
  2. Fire’s burning
  3. On top of spaghetti
  4. I met a bear
  5. Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
  6. Land of the silver birch
  7. Home, home on the range
  8. Ging gang goolie
  9. Found a peanut
  10. Oh my darlin’ Clementine
  11. Black Socks
  12. Canada in my pocket
  13. This land is your land (Canadian)
  14. I’se the b’ye
  15. The more we get together
  16. The ants go marching
  17. There’s a hole at the bottom of the sea
  18. There’s a hole in my bucket
  19. Doin’ the Newfie stomp
  20. The cat came back
  21. Magdalena Hagdalena
  22. We’re all together again
  23. Oh! Susanna
  24. John Brown’s body
  25. Boogie woogie washing woman
  26. Thorn Rosa