Week 4 Meeting Plan

This is the meeting 4 plan, as of right now. Nothing ever seems to go exactly to plan but we like to have a foundation on which to start the craziness.

October 2nd meeting – Thanksgiving Theme

  1. Girls go to their circles and complete attendance. While in circles, Tawny Owl will take around the thank you cards and have the girls sign them. These cards are for upcoming events where we will be visiting or having a speaker in.
  2. Active Game: Dodgeball
  3. Opening Songs. While sitting in circle, bring up Thanksgiving
    1. When is Thanksgiving?
    2. How do we celebrate it?
    3. Why do we celebrate it?
    4. What was the first holiday like?
    5. What are you thankful for?
  4. Skye Owl will read the non-fiction book (Canadian Holidays: Thanksgiving) and Tawny will read the picture book (Thanksgiving Rules by Laurie Friedman)
  5. Explain and then start craft (details to come in separate post)
  6. Game: Handshake Murder
  7. Return to circle
  8. Game: Catch / Don’t Catch
  9. Sing: There was a bear, black socks, fire’s burning
  10. Talk about elections and how to vote
    1. Next week we will be going to the municipal offices to learn what our elected officials do. One meeting coming up we will have our own election where girls get to vote on something
    2. If time read a book about voting
  11. Closing