Fundraising outside of cookies

Did you know that your unit can fund-raise outside of cookie sales? You don’t even have to be a special trip unit to do so.

We have paired up with the company Big Box of Cards in order to fund-raise for our unit this winter. We are going to use the extra money to pay for a big end of year party, and possibly subsidize part of an overnight trip if there is anything extra left over.

So far, I have completed the application to Girl Guides to do this fundraising event. I would recommend that you submit your application at least one month before you plan to begin the campaign.

The form you need is called FR.1 and here is a link. You will also need to make up a budget for something specific you are fund-raising for. For me, it was our end of year party and April overnight trip (1 night).

We have teamed up with Big Box of Cards. They have two streams you can choose from: birthday cards and all-occasion cards (which we chose). Each box has 33 cards in it and would have a retail value of $100.00; the box sells for $33.00. The unit keeps $11.00 from each box which is actually a HIGHER percentage of the profits than we keep from the highest tier of the girl guide cookie sales.

So far, Big Box of Cards has been amazing to work with. They are super prompt with their phone and email communication. For the delivery of the boxes, someone has to be home to sign for the packages. They gave me a four hour window for delivery and were there in the first half hour, which was awesome.

I have no idea how much money we will make from this fund-raising campaign, but anything helps since it is above and beyond cookie sales! Our goal is $500 for the unit, but we will see.

Do you have any other ideas for fundraising in GGC or Scouts? We would like to do a similar campaign next year as well.