Girlfriends Through Time

The Brownie Program Book 2004

Some of the badges in the Brownie book are pretty difficult to do in a meeting. There are a few, like the Girlfriends Through Time Badge, that require a fair amount of parental involvement. I am taking advantage of holidays this year to try to encourage (read: strongarm) parents into helping their kids with these badges by supplying as much support as possible.


For example, I used the guidelines in our Brownie book to create a one page worksheet for parents and kids. I have typed it out below. Feel free to copy and paste into Word, just make sure to add the spaces back in to give kids a place to draw and answer questions.

*I also numbered the blank spaces after questions, so girls would name three things there grandmothers and mothers liked to do.

We handed these out to each girl roughly two weeks before Thanksgiving, so hopefully parents will use the holiday to talk to their daughters, and encourage conversations with grandparents as well! It also gives Mums and Dads lots of time to work on it, in between homework and extracurriculars and everything else a modern family has going on these days.



Note to Parents:  If your family gathers together over Thanksgiving, please consider working through the first two badge points. We will do the last step in our meeting. 

 Girlfriends Through Time Badge 

Draw a picture of what your grandmother and mother wore when they were your age.

Draw a picture of what you wear on a typical day. How have clothes changed? 

What did your grandmother and mother like to do when they were your age? 

My Mom liked to:

My grandmother liked to: 

*In meeting: Read a story about another time. Tell your circle about your story.