Camp Songs

I feel like we are finally starting to find our groove in meetings. We aren’t running late quite so often, and have more time for songs!

Teaching the girls camp songs has been an important priority for me, but that didn’t actualize until recently.

These are the camp songs we will be singing this week. Some the girls already know but there are a couple we have never sung as a group before.

# 1 We’re Here for Fun

(new song)

I want us to sing this at the beginning of the meeting. We need to pad that time a bit because there are always girls who are late, and it is frustrating when we are halfway through a game or explaining the activity. This is something they can join in more easily.

We’re here for fun, right from the start, so drop your dignity

Just laugh and sing with all your heart and show your loyalty.

May all your troubles be forgot, Let this night be the best,

Join in the songs we sing tonight, be happy with the best.

(tune: Auld Lang Syne)

We’re Here for Fun can be found on the cd Camp Songs 3 by Nashville Kids Sound under the title Greeting Song if you prefer to singalong to music in your unit.

# 2 Black Socks!

(a favourite)

Black Socks they never get dirty

The longer you wear them the stronger they get

Sometimes I think I should wash them

But something inside me says no no not yet

not yet, not yet, not yet

(Repeat. Great when sung in a round)

# 3 S-M-I-L-E

(new song)

It isn’t any trouble just to S-M-I-L-E

It isn’t any trouble just to S-M-I-L-E

It isn’t any trouble just to S-M-I-L-E

To S-M-I-L-E!

So smile when you are in trouble,

It will vanish like a bubble,

If only you take the trouble,

to S-M-I-L-E.

(sing through twice)

S-M-I-L-E can be found on the cd 30 Camp Songs for Kids by Nashville Kids Sound.

# 4 I Met a Bear

This is a call and repeat song. I an only writing out the leader’s lines for brevity. After each verse (four lines), the leader and everyone else repeat all four lines together, before going back to the call and repeat style for the next verse.

the other day

I met a bear

oh way up there

a great big bear

he looked at me

I looked at him

he sized up me

I sized up him

he said to me

why don’t your run

I see you don’t

have any gun

and so I ran

away from there

but right behind

me was that bear

ahead of me

I saw a tree

a great big tree

oh golly gee

the lowest branch

was 10 feet up

I’d have to jump

and trust my luck

and so I jumped

into the air

but I missed that branch

away up there

now don’t you fret

and don’t you frown

’cause I caught that branch

on the way back down

that’s all there is

there is no more

until I meet

that bear once more

the end the end

the end the end

the end the end

the end the end *

* When singing the last verse all together, you change the lyrics to

the end the end

the end the end

this time it really is

the end

I Met a Bear can be found on the cd 30 Camp Songs for Kids by Nashville Kids Sound.



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