Brownie Songs!

What are the Brownie songs we sing at every meeting, you ask?

Well, I would be happy to share!

We start with:

We’re the brownies, here’s our aim

lend a hand and play a game


We sing this while holding hands in a circle, and walking one direction for the first repetitions, and the opposite for the second.

We also sing our Circle Songs. We have Elves, Pixies, Gnomes and Sprites. Each song is sung through twice. Their songs are as follows:

This is what we do as Elves,

think of others, not ourselves.

Look! We are the jolly Pixies,

Helping others when in fixies.

Here we see the laughing Gnomes,

helping others in their homes.

Sprightly Sprites we’re on our way,

play and laugh and help today.

Finally, we end with the Brownie Goodbye Song. I haven’t taught other branches, but supposedly all the others sing one universal goodbye song and the Brownies are the only odd ones out. It is super confusing on International Night lol.

Oh here us now, thy children call

Grant us thy peace, and bless us all

Gooooood niiiiiiggggghhhhttt.

Now run along home and jump into bed (jog in place then jump)

Say your prayers and don’t cover your head. (prayer sign, the pull up hood)

The very same thing I say unto youuuuuu (point to everyone in the circle)

Is you dream of me, and I’ll dream of youuuuu (hands together and tilt head like going to sleep)

Goodnight Brownies, everywhere! (through hands up in hair)

Where there is time, we also do the squeeze.

Everyone crosses their hands in front of their bodies, and holds hands like that. A leader calls out who will start the squeeze. The squeeze keeps going around the circle. Eventually a leader calls out stop. That person is the lucky girl at the end of the night.

The squeeze is going around,

the squeeze is going around.

lets think of a good turn we can do

the squeeze is going around.

(repeat as many times as necessary)



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