Smile Badge

This week we have a dental hygienist coming in to teach us all about keeping our smiles healthy.

She is a super nice person who is doing this free of charge, although we always thank our visitors with a small present and a card.

This time around, we are pretty much going to follow along with the Brownie book point for point.

I work at a library, so I can usually pick up used magazines really cheap and bring those in for a craft like this. We already have paper, glue and markers.

Photocopying is expensive though! And very few of the girls actually bring back completed badge work. So I think that we are just going to ask the girls to bring back their own chart they made up, rather than creating one for them to fill out. It probably won’t be done, but at least we won’t be out the paper and ink costs either.

At some point in our meeting, we will read these two books:

This book is also available on Youtube, so you could watch it instead if you have media options at your meeting place.

I love interactive time with the girls. It gives them a chance to share what is on their minds, practice public speaking, and keeps us all alert. So some of the questions we can ask are:

Q: Who likes visiting the dentist?

Q: What is the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?

Q: How many teeth have you lost? (my branch is grades 2/3 so they are in prime loose tooth territory)

I try to be really flexible with external presenters like our hygienist. But I am guessing she won’t need more than 20-25 minutes to talk. Even after a physical, heart-pumping game we should have more time leftover. We will probably use this to catch up on some things that have been bumped recently.

One of those items is the My Room badge, which I will talk about in a separate post, if we think we will get to it.



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