Money Talk

Next week, we will be focusing on the Money Talk badge. This is one of my favorite badges because I think it is so important to teach kids how to handle money from a very early age.

We purchased this classroom size set of money from Scholar’s Choice. We will be able to use it for the money, number magic and cookie selling badges. The kit comes with a book of worksheets related to money and math.

This week, we are going to split the activities up into stations and have the kids make their rounds. I think it will be easier to cover a larger amount of material in smaller groups.

Station One:

This will be an opportunity for the leader and the girls to talk about money. Some questions we will ask are:

Q: Who is depicted on every Canadian coin?

A: The Queen

Q: Which coin is worth the most?

A: The toonie ($2.00)

Q: Which coin is worth the least?

A: The penny or the nickel, since we do not use pennies in Canadian circulation anymore

Q: How much money do you need to buy groceries for your family for one week? This will relate back to a challenge at the end of the meeting…

Q: Who has a savings account? This will relate back to a challenge at the end of the meeting…

Q: Does having a lot of money make you happier?

Finally, this station will end with a sorting challenge!

Activity: Do these items belong in the “want” bucket or the “need” bucket? We printed out pictures of a bunch of different items that represented wants and needs. We are going to decorate 2 shoe boxes in these themes and ask the girls to sort their items into the two boxes. Afterwards, we will discuss why they chose each category.

Station Two:

Challenge: What is something you would like to buy? How much does it cost? How long will you have to save up your allowance to buy it? Make a plan to save up and buy this item! Kids can draw a picture of the item and write the information down on the side. Leaders will have to help them do the math. The girls will be encouraged to take this home and share with Mum and Dad.

Station Three: Money Magic

This is the station that will have the money set.

Q: You sell a box of Brownie cookies for $5.00. Your uncle buys 3 boxes and gives you a $20.00 bill. How much change do you give him? Show me how you can make this change in three different ways.

Q: You owe $15.00 in change to your Grandma. What are three ways you can make up this change? (These math problems can be made easier or harder depending on your branch)

Q: What does this sign mean? $

Q: What does this sign mean? ¢

What does it cost activity: For this part, we will ask the girls how much they think something costs where we live. After each girl makes their guess, we will let them know the correct amount. This will help them to get a rough idea of how much things cost. You can do this with props or just have a conversation.

After all the girls have rotated through each station, we will have a final group section together before we close for the night.

We will read the book, Dr. Seuss’ All About Money.

And this book by Ethel Footman Smothers.

We will also issue a couple of challenges to our Brownies and their families for the week!

Challenge 1: Ask your Mom or Dad to help you go to a bank and set up a savings account in your own name! (if you don’t already have one)

Challenge 2: Ask if you can help with the grocery shopping this week. Tally it up and tell us in the next meeting how much it costs to feed your family for one week.

If you have extra time, you can talk about or plan activities on the following:

  • advertisements (what ads have the girls seen lately; what makes an ad work; what makes an ad annoying; do they think ads make them want to buy more things)
  • Sorting Activity: good or service? (have them sort purchases into these categories)
  • Save/Spend/Share craft (give each girl a large, medium and small container to decorate and label them save, spend, share in turn)

Here is an example of the Save/Spend/Share craft that I stole from pinterest

The visual differences between the sizes of jars will help the girls to conceptualize the differences between these categories and the percetage it is reccommended to put towards each category.



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