Spring Trip Kit List

This is the Kit List that I have prepared for our trip to the Jungle Cat World Zoo. It will be taking place in early April – an unpredictable time to be outside in Ontario. Since I am handing out trip forms to parents in February, there are going to be a lot of items with “weather dependent” written beside them!


  • warm mittens or gloves
  • hat
  • snow suit / splash pants / wind breaker (depending on forecast)
  • warm boots or rubber boots with warm socks
  • sneakers or hard-soled slippers for inside
  • umbrella (depending on forecast)
  • sunglasses


  • 1 tshirt
  • 1 long-sleeved shirt
  • 2 pairs underwear
  • 2 pairs socks
  • 1 warm sweater
  • 2 pairs of pants

Personal Items

  • toiletries (toothbrush/paste; hair brush and ties; sunscreen; kleenex; soap; wash cloth; lip balm; hand towel)
  • medication (please clearly label with name and instructions for leaders)
  • sleeping bag
  • pillow
  • extra blanket
  • foam roll (optional)
  • book (optional)
  • ear plugs (optional)

Mess Items

  • mesh bag to carry items in
  • bowl
  • cup
  • plate
  • fork and spoon
  • all items must be non-breakable

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I'm a 20-something Gemini living in central Ontario, Canada. I love love and being involved in my community, reading, playing the piano and flute, and watching too many movies/tv shows to admit

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