Healthy Living Badges

Happy 2019!

We are starting our first meeting back from Christmas break on January 15th. We are attempting to cover two badges this week: Food Power and Go For It.

Go For It!

Luckily, one of the girls’ Mum is a fitness instructor and nutritionist and she volunteered to run this meeting. We have prepared a few things in order to help facilitate, just in case our speaker doesn’t have enough items to fill the meeting. She is really on the ball though and I doubt she will need our ideas!

So in our circles, we will catch up any badge presentations that need to happen after our month long break. We will also ask the girls to name their three favourite vegetables and three favourite fruits.

Food Power!

Throughout the evening, we will also ask the girls how physical activity keeps you strong and healthy, and it means to be healthy?

It is important at this age to encourage kids to play actively and to play outside. During Canadian winters, this can be tricky so it is really important for the girls to talk about their favourite ways to do so. We also want to talk about playground equipment: what types are there and what games you can play on the equipment.

Some games that we have thought up to actively play in our meeting (we meet in a gym, luckily) are tag (any variation), dodgeball, and the giant parachute. During any of our physical activities, we will take our “pulse” before and after and discuss whether it changed and why.

I am hoping to bring a healthy snack with me this week. Probably some clementines or carrots and humus. We purposely did not start our snack signup for the first meeting back because we didn’t want to spend the whole meeting talking about being healthy and then eat cookies, etc.

Finally, we are sending the girls home with this I Tried Something New page to encourage them to try new foods.



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