Brownies = BUSY

Oh my sweet heavens, September is BUSY in the guiding community!

I had every intention of writing this blog post daily for the past three-ish weeks and clearly, those plans weren’t overly successful. I thought I was at least somewhat prepared but there is so much happening at once. I’m also super busy at school and work right now. Nonetheless, everything gets done somehow and here is a slew of new blog posts – I hope!

This is what we did for the second meeting of the new year.

Circles / attendance

Hula Hoop Game

Opening and Circle Songs

(While in our circle, we talk about something that needs to be addressed – like how to be a good team-player/ good sport) and the purpose of our meeting tonight / the meaning behind it, etc)

Talk about craft, explain and and then move to the craft tables. This week we did the invitation to parents for next week.

At this point we split the group in two. Two of my fabulous co-leaders took the 2nd years into another room. They practised a skit of the Brownie Story, which they will perform at the Enrolment Ceremony.

The second years stayed with me and we practised the Enrolment Ceremony phrase and talked about what would happen.

Twist me and turn me and show me an elf, I look in the water and I see myself!

We left time at the end to sing three songs. Because it has been hectic and the first years don’t know too many songs yet, we kept it basic with lyrics the leaders and older girls all know by heart… fire’s burning; black socks; there was a bear.

Closing ceremony and done! It is shocking how fast the 90 minutes fly by. I swear I blink and the parents are arriving. I guess that is what lots of energy and a fast pace will do for you.



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I'm a 20-something Gemini living in central Ontario, Canada. I love love and being involved in my community, reading, playing the piano and flute, and watching too many movies/tv shows to admit

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