Camp Songs

I feel like we are finally starting to find our groove in meetings. We aren’t running late quite so often, and have more time for songs!

Teaching the girls camp songs has been an important priority for me, but that didn’t actualize until recently.

These are the camp songs we will be singing this week. Some the girls already know but there are a couple we have never sung as a group before.

# 1 We’re Here for Fun

(new song)

I want us to sing this at the beginning of the meeting. We need to pad that time a bit because there are always girls who are late, and it is frustrating when we are halfway through a game or explaining the activity. This is something they can join in more easily.

We’re here for fun, right from the start, so drop your dignity

Just laugh and sing with all your heart and show your loyalty.

May all your troubles be forgot, Let this night be the best,

Join in the songs we sing tonight, be happy with the best.

(tune: Auld Lang Syne)

We’re Here for Fun can be found on the cd Camp Songs 3 by Nashville Kids Sound under the title Greeting Song if you prefer to singalong to music in your unit.

# 2 Black Socks!

(a favourite)

Black Socks they never get dirty

The longer you wear them the stronger they get

Sometimes I think I should wash them

But something inside me says no no not yet

not yet, not yet, not yet

(Repeat. Great when sung in a round)

# 3 S-M-I-L-E

(new song)

It isn’t any trouble just to S-M-I-L-E

It isn’t any trouble just to S-M-I-L-E

It isn’t any trouble just to S-M-I-L-E

To S-M-I-L-E!

So smile when you are in trouble,

It will vanish like a bubble,

If only you take the trouble,

to S-M-I-L-E.

(sing through twice)

S-M-I-L-E can be found on the cd 30 Camp Songs for Kids by Nashville Kids Sound.

# 4 I Met a Bear

This is a call and repeat song. I an only writing out the leader’s lines for brevity. After each verse (four lines), the leader and everyone else repeat all four lines together, before going back to the call and repeat style for the next verse.

the other day

I met a bear

oh way up there

a great big bear

he looked at me

I looked at him

he sized up me

I sized up him

he said to me

why don’t your run

I see you don’t

have any gun

and so I ran

away from there

but right behind

me was that bear

ahead of me

I saw a tree

a great big tree

oh golly gee

the lowest branch

was 10 feet up

I’d have to jump

and trust my luck

and so I jumped

into the air

but I missed that branch

away up there

now don’t you fret

and don’t you frown

’cause I caught that branch

on the way back down

that’s all there is

there is no more

until I meet

that bear once more

the end the end

the end the end

the end the end

the end the end *

* When singing the last verse all together, you change the lyrics to

the end the end

the end the end

this time it really is

the end

I Met a Bear can be found on the cd 30 Camp Songs for Kids by Nashville Kids Sound.



Brownie Songs!

What are the Brownie songs we sing at every meeting, you ask?

Well, I would be happy to share!

We start with:

We’re the brownies, here’s our aim

lend a hand and play a game


We sing this while holding hands in a circle, and walking one direction for the first repetitions, and the opposite for the second.

We also sing our Circle Songs. We have Elves, Pixies, Gnomes and Sprites. Each song is sung through twice. Their songs are as follows:

This is what we do as Elves,

think of others, not ourselves.

Look! We are the jolly Pixies,

Helping others when in fixies.

Here we see the laughing Gnomes,

helping others in their homes.

Sprightly Sprites we’re on our way,

play and laugh and help today.

Finally, we end with the Brownie Goodbye Song. I haven’t taught other branches, but supposedly all the others sing one universal goodbye song and the Brownies are the only odd ones out. It is super confusing on International Night lol.

Oh here us now, thy children call

Grant us thy peace, and bless us all

Gooooood niiiiiiggggghhhhttt.

Now run along home and jump into bed (jog in place then jump)

Say your prayers and don’t cover your head. (prayer sign, the pull up hood)

The very same thing I say unto youuuuuu (point to everyone in the circle)

Is you dream of me, and I’ll dream of youuuuu (hands together and tilt head like going to sleep)

Goodnight Brownies, everywhere! (through hands up in hair)

Where there is time, we also do the squeeze.

Everyone crosses their hands in front of their bodies, and holds hands like that. A leader calls out who will start the squeeze. The squeeze keeps going around the circle. Eventually a leader calls out stop. That person is the lucky girl at the end of the night.

The squeeze is going around,

the squeeze is going around.

lets think of a good turn we can do

the squeeze is going around.

(repeat as many times as necessary)


Smile Badge

This week we have a dental hygienist coming in to teach us all about keeping our smiles healthy.

She is a super nice person who is doing this free of charge, although we always thank our visitors with a small present and a card.

This time around, we are pretty much going to follow along with the Brownie book point for point.

I work at a library, so I can usually pick up used magazines really cheap and bring those in for a craft like this. We already have paper, glue and markers.

Photocopying is expensive though! And very few of the girls actually bring back completed badge work. So I think that we are just going to ask the girls to bring back their own chart they made up, rather than creating one for them to fill out. It probably won’t be done, but at least we won’t be out the paper and ink costs either.

At some point in our meeting, we will read these two books:

This book is also available on Youtube, so you could watch it instead if you have media options at your meeting place.

I love interactive time with the girls. It gives them a chance to share what is on their minds, practice public speaking, and keeps us all alert. So some of the questions we can ask are:

Q: Who likes visiting the dentist?

Q: What is the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?

Q: How many teeth have you lost? (my branch is grades 2/3 so they are in prime loose tooth territory)

I try to be really flexible with external presenters like our hygienist. But I am guessing she won’t need more than 20-25 minutes to talk. Even after a physical, heart-pumping game we should have more time leftover. We will probably use this to catch up on some things that have been bumped recently.

One of those items is the My Room badge, which I will talk about in a separate post, if we think we will get to it.


Money Talk

Next week, we will be focusing on the Money Talk badge. This is one of my favorite badges because I think it is so important to teach kids how to handle money from a very early age.

We purchased this classroom size set of money from Scholar’s Choice. We will be able to use it for the money, number magic and cookie selling badges. The kit comes with a book of worksheets related to money and math.

This week, we are going to split the activities up into stations and have the kids make their rounds. I think it will be easier to cover a larger amount of material in smaller groups.

Station One:

This will be an opportunity for the leader and the girls to talk about money. Some questions we will ask are:

Q: Who is depicted on every Canadian coin?

A: The Queen

Q: Which coin is worth the most?

A: The toonie ($2.00)

Q: Which coin is worth the least?

A: The penny or the nickel, since we do not use pennies in Canadian circulation anymore

Q: How much money do you need to buy groceries for your family for one week? This will relate back to a challenge at the end of the meeting…

Q: Who has a savings account? This will relate back to a challenge at the end of the meeting…

Q: Does having a lot of money make you happier?

Finally, this station will end with a sorting challenge!

Activity: Do these items belong in the “want” bucket or the “need” bucket? We printed out pictures of a bunch of different items that represented wants and needs. We are going to decorate 2 shoe boxes in these themes and ask the girls to sort their items into the two boxes. Afterwards, we will discuss why they chose each category.

Station Two:

Challenge: What is something you would like to buy? How much does it cost? How long will you have to save up your allowance to buy it? Make a plan to save up and buy this item! Kids can draw a picture of the item and write the information down on the side. Leaders will have to help them do the math. The girls will be encouraged to take this home and share with Mum and Dad.

Station Three: Money Magic

This is the station that will have the money set.

Q: You sell a box of Brownie cookies for $5.00. Your uncle buys 3 boxes and gives you a $20.00 bill. How much change do you give him? Show me how you can make this change in three different ways.

Q: You owe $15.00 in change to your Grandma. What are three ways you can make up this change? (These math problems can be made easier or harder depending on your branch)

Q: What does this sign mean? $

Q: What does this sign mean? ยข

What does it cost activity: For this part, we will ask the girls how much they think something costs where we live. After each girl makes their guess, we will let them know the correct amount. This will help them to get a rough idea of how much things cost. You can do this with props or just have a conversation.

After all the girls have rotated through each station, we will have a final group section together before we close for the night.

We will read the book, Dr. Seuss’ All About Money.

And this book by Ethel Footman Smothers.

We will also issue a couple of challenges to our Brownies and their families for the week!

Challenge 1: Ask your Mom or Dad to help you go to a bank and set up a savings account in your own name! (if you don’t already have one)

Challenge 2: Ask if you can help with the grocery shopping this week. Tally it up and tell us in the next meeting how much it costs to feed your family for one week.

If you have extra time, you can talk about or plan activities on the following:

  • advertisements (what ads have the girls seen lately; what makes an ad work; what makes an ad annoying; do they think ads make them want to buy more things)
  • Sorting Activity: good or service? (have them sort purchases into these categories)
  • Save/Spend/Share craft (give each girl a large, medium and small container to decorate and label them save, spend, share in turn)

Here is an example of the Save/Spend/Share craft that I stole from pinterest

The visual differences between the sizes of jars will help the girls to conceptualize the differences between these categories and the percetage it is reccommended to put towards each category.


Fundraising outside of cookies

Did you know that your unit can fund-raise outside of cookie sales? You don’t even have to be a special trip unit to do so.

We have paired up with the company Big Box of Cards in order to fund-raise for our unit this winter. We are going to use the extra money to pay for a big end of year party, and possibly subsidize part of an overnight trip if there is anything extra left over.

So far, I have completed the application to Girl Guides to do this fundraising event. I would recommend that you submit your application at least one month before you plan to begin the campaign.

The form you need is called FR.1 and here is a link. You will also need to make up a budget for something specific you are fund-raising for. For me, it was our end of year party and April overnight trip (1 night).

We have teamed up with Big Box of Cards. They have two streams you can choose from: birthday cards and all-occasion cards (which we chose). Each box has 33 cards in it and would have a retail value of $100.00; the box sells for $33.00. The unit keeps $11.00 from each box which is actually a HIGHER percentage of the profits than we keep from the highest tier of the girl guide cookie sales.

So far, Big Box of Cards has been amazing to work with. They are super prompt with their phone and email communication. For the delivery of the boxes, someone has to be home to sign for the packages. They gave me a four hour window for delivery and were there in the first half hour, which was awesome.

I have no idea how much money we will make from this fund-raising campaign, but anything helps since it is above and beyond cookie sales! Our goal is $500 for the unit, but we will see.

Do you have any other ideas for fundraising in GGC or Scouts? We would like to do a similar campaign next year as well.


Key to Active Living

A couple of weeks ago, we were approached by a martial arts group that rents another room in our meeting space, offering to give a free self-defense and self-awareness workshop to our Brownies.

Well, of course we said yes!

So this week, that is our plan. We are treating it as a special interest badge in the key to active living, because we could not find any other badge that applied well.

I picked up a couple of boxes of chocolate as thank you presents for them.

First thing when we arrive, we will have our girls sign the thank you card as they come in. We also have a couple of badge presentations that we will start right off.

The karate lesson will last one hour, the majority of our meeting tonight, so the last few minutes will probably get filled up by the regular closing activities and handing out fundraiser information!

Reach out to others in your community. I have been pleasantly surprised by how many individuals were willing to donate their time to our unit, completely free of charge! Our town has definitely been good to us.


Skating Party

Freezing temperatures have arrived in Ontario just in time for our outdoor skating party!

Girls will earn their Swim/Skate badge for coming out with us, and part of their cookout badge as well, but the real purpose of this is just to have a night out and enjoy ourselves!

We are encouraging parents and siblings to stay and play as well, partially for practicality, but the more the merrier!

One of our unit leaders lives in the country and she and her husband build this outdoor rink each year for their family, so the Guide and Scout units are greatly benefiting from their hard work ๐Ÿ™‚

The unit is providing hotdogs, buns, hot chocolate and marshmallows. Our hosts are providing the ice and a bonfire and roasting tools. We have emailed parents to remind them of the location change for our meeting, and to outfit their daughter with skates and helmets!

Should be a fun night, and it is basically a night off for leaders since we don’t have much to plan or organize ๐Ÿ™‚